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. it shows haze and fog. that will eventually go away. let's start with the big picture. you'll notice how the progression of the storms move down to the south. so we are looking at some pretty good storms down towards the northern neck in southern maryland. that's really just it except for one lonely storm. moving off to the south and east shortly. now you can see the big storms moving south and they are headed towards richmond headed into southeast virginia. but as far as we are concerned once we get rid of that second storm we are going to be in great shape. it is still a little toasty. not in the 90s but humid. 80 downtown. 81 in gaithersburg. 75 manassas. we will come back though and talk about when the low humidity arrives. >> thank you, topper. >>> investigators now looking into the source of an overnight fire in maryland. sky9 out over the scene where flames erupted from this huge pile of mulch out there. additional firefighters and water tankers had to be called in. the fire burned for hours before they brought it under control. luckily nobody hurt. >>> dr. phil is here. we talked
. >> reporter: derek, the victory is a big one for the freshman class and it probably saves the speakership of john boehner who has working all week trying to keep up with a bill his party could support. >> reporter: look at the numbers. 22 republicans said no. >> 218 yays, 210 nays. the bill is passed. >> reporter: buying tea party votes with an addition to his bill that restricts a second step debt ceiling increase. >> two things have to happen. a joint committee of the congress must produce a spending cut larger than the increase in the debt limit and both houses of the congress must spend to the states a balanced budget amendment. >> reporter: washington area democrats lined up in opposition. donna edwards of prince george's county. >> the republican majority is ready to jeopardize our entire future for this garbage. >> reporter: fairfax. >> hell, no, you can't. >> reporter: maryland. >> this proposal takes us farther in the wrong direction. >> reporter: and from the president. >> it does not solve the problem and it has no chance of becoming law. >> reporter: the action now moves to th
that the debt ceiling is not the only big issue that they need to deal with. >> they need to come back to the negotiating table, congress needs to pass a clean bill, and so our 4,000faa employees who are without a paycheck since last saturday, can come back to work, these construction projects could start again, and our friends and neighbors can go back to work. >> work at more than 150 airports put on hold when the federal aviation administration shut down that weekend. and that effectively left more than 70 construction workers out of work as well. and the army says that a soldier who left fort campbell admits that he had plans to attack fort hood in texas. and he was granted status earlier this year after saying his religious beliefs prevented him from fighting. but get this, they said that they were found yesterday with weapons, ammunition, and bomb- making materials in the hotel room. >> i think that it is important for any community throughout america, you know, to be mindful of that and in this day and age and what they need to show you in their surroundings. and when wow see so
where they installed a transfer accelerator. in other words, a great big old sliding board, sort of like the local playground except for big people. grown men, i'm told, have been spotted with big old smiles after riding this thing. women giggling like schoolgirls as they slide down. designers are calling it a gift to commuters. they say they hope it creates a playful urban area in the midst of the doldrums of commuting. on the other hand nobody is talking about exactly what you do to get back up. >> right. >> because the going down actually when the escalator is broken, that's the easy part. >> or after a concert. >> it's the getting back up. that would be tough. >> a little slippery. >>> we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails to mcginty's mailbag. the address, mailbag@wusa9.com. 9 news now will be right back. >>> in the mailbag tonight, the budget deal or rather the lack thereof. she watched the president talk about it last friday, but he's not sure we're getting the whole story. as i listened to president obama, he said, i suspect all was not correct. the speaker wouldn't w
.com. >>> some other big stories we're following tonight, the woman -- appears in court. the latest in the lemon murder case. and for the final time, a shuttle blasts off into outer space. i'm andrea mckaren where the lu lu lemon trial -- it was a struggle so violent it crushed her skull and severed her spinal cord. john mccarthy outlines some evidence he'll bring to trial in october. crime scene photos, dna, along with expert analysis of blood splatter and show prints found at the scene. for the first time her lawyer raised issues about her competentes. >> our investigation is still continuing. >>> i'm kristin fisher at the kennedy space center. i watched the final launch with my mother. i watched my mom fly in space when she became the first mother in space. i later watched my dad fly in space. to be here today it was truly impressive to be surrounded by all these current and former space shuttle astronauts as they watch the culmination of this 30-year program. >>> it was also an exciting day for the nasa employees. they created some of the cargo that went up with the shuttle toda
to the big media frenzy surrounding this case. we started to see scenes like this one from back on june 17. folks got into it outside the courthouse just trying to get some of the limited tickets that would let you get to the gallery. joining me now with more on the case, former prosecutor now turned defense attorney, jacob frankel. thanks for coming in. you have been on both sides in the courtroom. if you were a betting man, would you have won or lost? >> i wouldn't have bet. all of the discussion pretrial is just that. you don't get a chance to not only see the evidence that is going to come in during the case, but you also don't get a chance to feel for how these witnesses are going to play. so i would not have bet on the case at all. >> after you did see it all go down, were you shocked by the verdict and how strong was the prosecution case? >> the prosecution case was built on circumstantial evidence and i believe this jury wanted to convict her because the offense, the whole scenario was heinous. the prosecution built it up, but ultimately the objective of the jury is to be dispas
this time of year but rarely are they this big or this strong. i didn't know they had monsoons. >> this is their rainy season out there. >> doesn't rain that much though, does it? >> no. actually, it canceled flights and delayed flights. >> i can only imagine. >> we actually -- kind of pleasant outside. yes, it is humid. let's start with temperatures. not crazy hot though. mid-80s downtown. that's reasonable. upper 80s now as you head up into leesburg, martinsburg. down to the south in the low 80s in culpeper. and 81 in fredericksburg. 82 in andrews. not bad. we are in a summer pattern. no doubt about that. muggy storms mainly south and east tonight. pretty much taken them out of the immediate metro area. afternoon showers and thunderstorms possible thursday. and even a better chance of showers and thunderstorms on friday. in fact, thursday nifray mornin be a little bit of a mess. for tonight though let's just say partly cloudy and muggy. some patch fog late. lows 68 to 74 and winds out of the southwest at about 10. inside the beltway in downtown, a little bit uncomfortable ton
from downtown d.c. >>> we've got a commuter alert about a big pro jengt. crews will be paving 495 twen between the springfield interchange and the heming avenue overpass and that means two lanes will be closed between 9:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. every night through thursday anyway. drivers will be dealing with crews completely closing down telegraph road in the future. they'll be working between duke street and huntington avenue tonight between 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. those lanes will be closed wednesday and friday night. more warnings popping up in the office. >>> frederick county, maryland, pretty heavy storm now north of frederick. this is moving toward westminster. we also have a severe thunderstorm warning for loudoun county until 7:15. a storm heading toward leesburg. we'll track them all when we come back. >>> still ahead, tough talk. a look at the latest on the efforts to raise the debt ceiling. >>> first, whoa, baby. a look at where this not so little guy weighs in. it's kind of shocking. you'll want to be around for that. ♪ ♪ stay inside? nah. not when you have a five-star o
the effort because this could all have a big impact on you. >> reporter: like a lot of families now a days our nation's leaders are fighting about how to pay the bills. think of the problem like a credit card that the nation has maxed out. the federal government can charge 14.3 trillion and then we are cut off and time is ticking down to an august 2nd deadline for congress to increase the amount of money it can borrow or default on its financial obligations. >> we need to come together over the next two weeks to reach a deal that reduces the deficit and upholds the faith and credit of the united states government and the credit of the american people. >> reporter: if a solution is not reached by august 2nd the consequences could be dire. the bipartisan policy center says the treasury would only have enough money to pay about half of its bills. some federal employees could get i.o.u.s instead of paychecks potentially including the military. but even more fallout would come from an historic default which would slash our credit rating with some to junk status. like missing a payment on a cred
night. >> a big gust of wind came out of nowhere. try to turn around and stay home, get to my house and find two large oaks, one crushed my wife's car. >> national weather service says a macro burst touched down just after 6:20 with wind gusts up to 70 miles an hour. >> i heard a terrible noise. i thought it was lightning, but the next thing i know, all these branches were in my living room. >> a couple close calls. walked away from us, we're okay. >> i'm scott broom in whites ferry, maryland. abandoned camping equipment, bicycle parts, and discarded first aid supplies. neil reich was hit and killed by a falling tree by storms early sunday evening. >> that's too bad because everyone out here is having a good time. >> like a lot of people you meet on the trail, reich was on a long distance overnight trip when they were caught in the weather. reich was putting on rain gear, his friend had just pedal add short distance away, both were a long shelter away. rescuers used an atv and used chain saws, he died at the scene. >> scott, thank you. some more very sad news this independence
earlier in the week that there were concerns that a big spike in damn might mean a big -- in demand might mean a big spike in prices, but prices are as low at $100 a bushel, and we're talking large jumbo crab. i hear it's not going to be as hot as we thought. >> we'll feel the humidity on saturday, but it's not going to be too bad. i think it's bearable, as long as you prepare for t here's a look at the current conditions. temperatures right now in the upper 80s, near downtown, culpepper per 86, cumberland, 86. tonight, yeah, go have dinner outside, get that walk in. clear and cool, once again. open the windows, give the ac a break, lows 58 to 68 degrees, and winds will be light. here's the beach and boating forecast. a lot of you folks are doing that, saturday, low 80s, waves 1 to 2 feet, on sunday, warmer, and waves will be again 1 to 2 feet, south wind, 10-15. chance of storms, to the east for the ocean, for tomorrow, 82-86 degrees and winds from the south at 10-15 degrees. i'll have more on your holiday forecast coming up later. back to you. >> thank you. >>> if you are trying to figu
's already starting to lose support. some lawmakers say it is just too big to pass by august 2nd and many republicans still say tax hikes in that plan are a deal breaker. congress is also racing the clock to pass a bill extending the authority of the f.a.a. and now the house passed a version last night but senate democrats say some of the proposed spending cuts are just unacceptable and if nothing is done by midnight on friday parts of the f.a.a. will shut down. >> this is no way to run the best aviation system in the world. we need congress to go to work to put our employees back to work and to get the f.a.a. bill extended. >> now, if that shutdown were to happen more than 4000 f.a.a. employees will be furloughs. all the air traffic controllers and essential personnel will stay on the job. >>> a commuter alert for anybody heading out to dulles airport. crews are beginning to close lanes on the dulles access road and toll road all for work on the new metrorail line. right now one westbound lane is closed at route number 7. more will be shut down at 10 p.m. all the closed lanes should reop
compared to other big cities. now we showed you this unmanned booth, the honesty company set this up in dupont circle and asked people to leave a dollar if they grabbed a drink. they tell us 91% of the people walk by and took a drink and left some cash. last year we were second. now we were fifth. what the heck happened? >>> another day has come and gone and there is no deal in congress yet to increase the nation's debt ceiling much the president met with both democratic and republican leaders this afternoon trying to push through a deal. the white house is backing that new gang of six plan which would cut $4 trillion by reducing spending and limiting tax reductions. >> should actually take this moment and see if we can rally around something that could actually move forward. if we can help in the debt ceiling debate by producing this product, fine. >> president obama believes this new plan could appease both parties but lawmakers say it is just too complicated to make it through congress in time. so the white house now says it would accept a short term deal if and only if that is me
is the big issue now. >> peggy fox, 9news now. >> you can join the conversation on our facebook page as well. >>> still ahead, a new turn in the legal battle between daniel schneider and the washington city paper. but first, not just smoke on this water, oh no. you see that? it's fire. a look at the damage to washington yacht club comes your way in a minute. we'll tell you about it. stay with us. >>> taking to the water to get out of the coming heat wave will not be an option for four boater owners in southeast washington. that after a fire ripped through the washington yacht club early this morning. four boats between 30 to 45 feet long are gone. a fifth is badly damaged and a significant portion of the pier will have to be replaced. in total, we're talking almost a million dollars in damage. dc firefighters say they are still investigating what caused all this. >> last week's fundraiser to help employees at the tune in appears to have been a big success. the capital hill staple damaged in a fire last month. last friday's benefit raised more than $30,000 for the folks who work ther
expensive cut of meat out there. something we can say for sure, this is one big dang sandwich and the result will be attempted at guinness to be evaluated. you should note that spam is the largest employer in fremont and the stuff is making a little more sense, right? >>> we want to hear from you. send your e-mails to mailbag@wusa9.com. 9news now will be right back. >>> don't forget that 9news now is here for you weekday morning before you head out the door. see the news weather and traffic getting started at 4:25 a.m. >>> in the mail bag tonight though, sagging jeans in the town that's trying to ban them by law. it's annoying and repulsive to see some guy's drawers with his jeans riding thigh high, it's probably not the best use of the legal system though. i just don't think that the law is necessary with some kids, it is probably a faze that they will hopefully grow out of. for others it may be a statement, but there is nothing better than a sharp dressed young man even in jeans. and james from centreville, virginia points out that we have asked this question before and his opinion is alwa
for a big ceremony. >> reporter: under the flags of water reed medical center, generations of soldiers have received care until now. sean kitchen measure lost his lower right leg in afghanistan. since june, he says he's received excellent care here at walter reed and is sorry to see it go. >> this place has provided care for so many people over the years. it's a bummer it's closing down. >> no room to expand to meet the changing needs. >> reporter: the army's golden knight's parachute team added some excitement to a melancholy atmosphere. >> we're absolutely thrilled we've had so many people come out. 100 years of service to soldiers, coast guardsmen and their families. >> reporter: in a ceremony called casing the colors, the walter reed army medical center's flag was rolled up by the center's command sergeant major, marking the inactivation of the unit. >> it was sad. >> it was the end of a very hisser to -- historical era. >> reporter: water reed will no longer be a hospital, but the name will carry over to bethesda hospital. >> make the extra effort to make them understand what it means
other folks who don't know how to discipline. i rarely have seen this be a big problem. however, this is america. it's that man's place, they will go with their feet and apology may get this fellow more business. i'm always looking for more e- mail. mailbag@wusa9.com. >> that is our report. i'll be right back here tonight at 11:00 along with anita brickman. log on any time to wusa9.com. see you a bit later. have a great evening. bye. >>> this is "entertainment tonight," the most-watched entertainment news magazine in the world. >>> maria shriver and michelle obama with three former first ladies, together today to say good-bye to betty ford. nancy reagan, with george bush, hillary clinton, barbara bush, rosalynn carter, remembering a first lady who helped hollywood and many more, fight their addictions. >> my name is betty and i'm an alcoholic. >>> the royal couple's security scare. the egg-throwing incident you didn't hear about. >> kate looked slightly ruffled when she arrived. >>> plus, an alleged talker caught climbing halle berry's walls and the man who trashed david letter
, but the humidity was in check and that's a big key around here. let's look at it happens right now. down to 91 at national. 88 in andrews and around 90 gaithersburg, manassas, and leesburg. you want to go outside and have dinner, very comfortable humidity wise. in fact, we'll factor in the humidity and temperatures don't go up much. they almost stay the same. goes up to 92 downtown and stays at 92 in manassas. a pretty nice evening and a great evening for baseball and the googoo dolls. lots going on. clear and comfortable. maybe a passing shower around midnight with a cold front. lows 64 to 74. we'll come back. we'll talk about how long the humidity can stay in check and yes, there's dangerous heat lurking in our future. we'll tell you when it's going to roll in. >> those legal documents read like a spy thriller. still to come on 9news now, the case of money, intrigue, and influence right here in d.c. first, you heard of pay to play, but what about pay to move? we'll tell you about what that means up next. >>> how would you like to live in downtown detroit? okay, would it change your mind if i
a big debate about the future of our country. you know, until recently the president was demanding that the congress increase the debt limit with no strings attached. as a matter of fact, the treasury secretary sent me a letter two days after we were sworn in in january demanding we give him a clean increase in the debt limit. i immediately responded and told the treasury secretary that the american people would not tolerate a clean increase in the debt ceiling unless there were serious spending cuts attached and real reforms to the way we spent the american people's money. i went to new york city in may, gave a speech to the new york economic club where i outlined the challenges we were facing and i made it clear that we would not increase the debt limit without cuts that exceeded that increase in the debt limit. that there would be no new taxes and there would be serious spending reforms put in place. it is time to get serious. and i'm confident that the bipartisan leaders here in the congress can act. the white house won't get serious, we will. >> your own aids say the packages
. the tree just cracked. we heard a big crack and the whole branch came down. there were about ten of them under there. >> there was nothing i could do. i ran over there and that's all i could do. >> five people were hurt. three of them children. all rescued by dc fire and ems paramedics. >> some of the injuries were pretty serious. everybody was calm and they were treated. >> my camp leader was hurt. it was scary. >> i'm bruce leshan. an afghan immigrant is thinking about taking his family back to his home country. after his wife was sexually assaulted and his children attacked in their ground floor apartment. >> i work. >> victim's husband thought his family was safe, but while he was away training american troops and his wife and four children were sleeping, an armed man broke through their back window and attacked. >> he keeps warning my kids. you don't have a right. >> otherwise he will kill them? >> yes. >> as he sexually assaulted the woman he threatened to kill, her young son. the children screamed. a neighbor heard the terror in their voices and called police and the man
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20